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Constitutional court annuls all previous legal decisions concerning sovereignty of Red Sea islands 

Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court issued on Saturday its final decision concerning the Tiran and Sanafir case, ordering the annulment of all previous verdicts, according to local news outlets. The first verdict annulled was the Urgent Matters Court decision to confirm the agreement, while the second was the Administrate Court verdict to refuse the agreement. The …

Daily News Egypt

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What’s really wrong with Morsi

The one year anniversary of Mohamed Morsi’s election is approaching fast. From a substitute candidate to a very controversial president; Morsi remains one of the revolution’s big surprises. During the 18 days back at the square, we had a strange sense of certainty that there could be no president from the Muslim Brotherhood. I even …

Ziad A. Akl

Sandmonkey website

The Civilian Products of Military Factories

Last Thursday the news websites greeted us with a picture of the US Ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson, celebrating the decision of the US department of agriculture to allow the importation of Egyptian strawberries to the American market by opening a box of strawberries and eating one. On that same day, we were also greeted …

Mahmoud Salem

Adel El Adawy

An Authoritarian Relapse?

The current circumstances under which the constitution is being drafted does not represent the ideals nor values embodied by the January 25th Revolution.

Daily News Egypt

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