Partnership between HDB, Baheya Foundation: Commitment to empowering women

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Hassan Ghanem, CEO and Managing Director of the Housing and Development Bank (HDB), emphasizes the bank’s unwavering dedication to supporting women—a critical pillar for sustainable development. Aligned with the state’s vision and the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE), HDB recently signed a three-year cooperation protocol with the Baheya Foundation.

Under this partnership, HDB will equip and launch the first two-room suite at Baheya Hospital in Sheikh Zayed City, operating under the bank’s name. This suite will facilitate surgical procedures for breast cancer patients without the need to transfer them to other hospitals. By streamlining treatment processes, it aims to benefit over 3,500 patients annually.

HDB’s commitment extends beyond financial services; it actively contributes to society’s well-being. The protocol signing, attended by Hassan Ghanem, involved key figures such as Gehan El-Goly (Head of Corporate Communication and CSR), Gehan Othman (Director of Social Responsibility), Tamer Shawky (Chairman of Baheya’s Board of Trustees), Gilan Ahmed (Executive Director of the Foundation), and Laila Salem (Foundation Board Member). Additionally, numerous bank and Baheya Foundation leaders witnessed the event.

Notably, the second phase of Baheya Hospital’s Sheikh Zayed Branch opened in March, poised to serve half a million women annually with essential medical care.

Hassan Ghanem expressed pride in collaborating with the Baheya Foundation, recognizing its integral role in providing comprehensive medical and humanitarian services to breast cancer fighters. He commended the Foundation’s tireless efforts to improve the lives of these patients.

Ghanem emphasized that the suite’s launch aligns with HDB’s commitment to bolstering the healthcare sector—a top priority within its social responsibility strategy. By doing so, HDB contributes to holistic development across various domains.

Gilan Ahmed expressed gratitude for HDB’s support of the Baheya Sheikh Zayed Hospital project. Their dedication to community service and focus on Egyptian women’s health make this partnership impactful and meaningful.

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