Minister of Emigration, CBE advisor cooperate on social responsibility, illegal migration

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Soha Gendi, Minister of State for Emigration and Egyptian Expatriates’ Affairs, met with the Central Bank of Egypt’s (CBE) advisor on social responsibility to discuss how to cooperate on providing job opportunities for youth and combating illegal immigration. This is part of the “Rescue Boats” presidential initiative, which aims to raise awareness about the dangers of illegal migration.

Gendi praised the Central Bank’s role in supporting government activities and social responsibility towards the citizens. She said the Central Bank conducts various studies to achieve the best returns on investment in human capital and sustainable development. She also said the Central Bank and other Egyptian banks prioritize supporting development efforts in education, health, and vocational training.

The Central Bank advisor expressed her commitment to studying the proposed model efforts by the Ministry of Immigration, represented by the Egyptian-German Center, and its achievements.

Gendi stressed the importance of cooperation between government institutions to support the development of communities that are sources of illegal migration and to train and qualify youth. She reviewed the activities of the Egyptian-German Center for Jobs, Migration, and Reintegration, which provides the needs of foreign markets according to global standards, including the German market. She mentioned the various training opportunities offered by the center since its launch in 2020, and its collaboration with state and international institutions to provide job opportunities for youth in provinces most affected by illegal migration.

Gendi also emphasized that the ministry follows a strategy to enhance safe migration for youth and to help them adapt to the cultures and languages of destination countries. She mentioned several countries that are eager to cooperate, such as Italy, the Netherlands, the European Union, Greece, Australia, Finland, Japan, and Saudi Arabia. She also said there are requests from several countries for sectoral and professional labor in various industrial, agricultural, and commercial fields.

Gendi said the ministry is working to establish a National Migration Center in collaboration with relevant authorities and leading Egyptian companies. The center will serve as a single umbrella for youth training and qualification according to internationally recognized national standards. It will replicate the successful experience of the Egyptian-German Center and coordinate with Egyptian professors abroad to provide training and scholarships for youth in needed fields.

Gendi reiterated the ministry’s commitment to coordinating efforts with various Egyptian ministries and institutions to provide training programs that qualify youth, even those who are not educated, to achieve occupational justice. She said this is part of the New Republic’s efforts to train and qualify youth, and highlighted the importance of cooperation with the Central Bank to develop strategic plans and curricula that meet the latest global market needs and support the ministry’s strategy in providing safe alternatives for youth.

At the end of the meeting, both sides agreed to work together to support efforts to train and qualify youth and projects that provide them with safe job opportunities. They also agreed to exchange experiences to support the ministry’s training efforts for employment.

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