Finance Minister to showcase Egypt’s high-priority investment areas at Turkish-Arab Economic Forum

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Minister of Finance, Mohamed Maait, will showcase Egypt’s high-priority development investment areas at the 14th session of the Turkish-Arab Economic Forum, titled “A New Era of Partnership,” in Istanbul on Wednesday.

The Minister will deliver a speech at the opening session in the presence of several Arab and Turkish ministers, leaders, and representatives of business associations and chambers of commerce.

He is also expected to meet with a number of Turkish officials to discuss ways to develop bilateral economic relations between the two countries.

During his participation in this forum, the Minister will review opportunities to enhance economic cooperation between the Arab and Turkish sides, as well as the bilateral level of relations between Egypt and Turkey. He will highlight sectors with high development priority, considering Egypt’s competitive potential based on its strategic geographical location. This qualification positions Egypt to become a regional hub for production and export, especially with the unprecedented development of infrastructure, stimulating domestic and foreign investment, and the national policies supporting industry, green transformation, expansion in renewable energy.

According to a statement by the Ministry of Finance, Maait is also scheduled to address the Egyptian experience in benefiting from tremendous technological progress in terms of developing the state’s public financial management and improving the efficiency of public spending to effectively achieve strategic goals, maintain the state’s safe economic path, and lay the foundations for more flexible financial policies.

Maait will also highlight the Egyptian state’s efforts in transitioning towards a digital economy as a fundamental pillar for development. He will shed light on the Egyptian experience in developing and mechanizing custom systems to enhance commercial activity and promote cooperation between the Arab and Turkish sides, as well as at the bilateral level.

Finally, Maait will shed light on Egypt’s strategy to diversify sources of financing and international markets. He noted that Egypt issued the first green sovereign bonds in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as sustainable “Panda” bonds in the Chinese financial market. Additionally, Egypt managed to return to the Japanese markets, implementing the second international issuance of “Samurai” bonds to achieve sustainable development goals.

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