One Global eyes expansion in Egyptian market

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One Global, a company specialised in digital innovation and financial technology services, started to develop a new strategy for its operations in the Egyptian market to provide value-added services within the government’s financial inclusion and digital transformation plans, said Ahmed Al-Gebaly, its CEO.

Al-Gebaly added that One Global’s strategy in the Egyptian market seeks to cooperate with all vital sectors, government agencies, businesses, and companies to implement the financial inclusion system. It also aims to expand in providing fintech services, which characterise the company regionally and internationally.

He pointed out that the Egyptian market has many attractive factors, notably the state plan for digital transformation and Egypt’s Vision 2030, as well as the government’s investment incentive packages. These factors gave confidence to investors to enter into partnerships and agreements that contribute to improving the financial coverage sector.

Al-Gebaly added that the most important feature of One Global is that it offers its products and services via an advanced technological method based on innovation and simplification rather than complexity, noting that One Global has five research and development centres, including in Kuwait, Jordan, India, and Egypt.

Al-Gebaly said that his company welcomes cooperation with large institutions in the Egyptian market through its platforms and applications. He stressed that One Global is a complementary partner in the field of financial inclusion and digital transformation, not a competitor. The group is working on mobile health, finance, tourism, and content.

He added that digital transformation is not only related to the payments and financial sectors, but also connected with the health, education, tourism, transport, and other sectors.

Al-Gebaly stated that One Global has a technological healthcare platform, specifically vaccinations for children, which serves about 17,000 children in Kuwait. It includes comprehensive medical history files of the children since birth, and it will soon be launched in Egypt through a legislative framework and the application of legal governance standards adopted by international institutions.

One Global was granted a large number of international certificates in the field of data protection and quality, most recently the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) certificate for the second consecutive year. The PCI DSS is an information security standard for organisations that handle branded credit cards from the major card companies. Besides its head office in Kuwait, One Global has many branches in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the US, and the Arabian Gulf.

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