EGP 7.7bn pumped into national veal project: Ministry of Agriculture

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Mostafa El-Sayyad, Deputy Minister of Agriculture for Livestock, Fish and Poultry Resources, said that the total amount that has been pumped into the national project for veal so far has amounted to EGP 7.7bn. This amount was pumped for about 42,330 beneficiaries, for the breeding and fattening of more than 486,000 heads of livestock, whether calves for meat production or high-productivity wheels to provide more meat and milk.

El-Sayyad highlighted the approval of the project’s board of directors, headed by the Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation Elsayed Elkosayer, to approve EGP 155.7m for 213 beneficiaries of small scale breeders, with a total of 5,769 head of livestock, within the framework of the presidential initiative Haya Kareema launched by President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to develop the Egyptian countryside. 

El-Sayyad ordered the Livestock and Poultry Development Sector and the General Authority for Veterinary Services, in coordination with the Directorates of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine at the governorate level, to intensify field follow-up on the beneficiaries of the national veal project, while providing all aspects of veterinary and health care, studying any problems facing the beneficiaries on the ground, and working to overcome them in budding.

He emphasized that inspections of the beneficiaries are being carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Egyptian Agricultural Bank and the National Bank of Egypt, which fund the project. This aims to ensure that there is a suitable place and sufficient space for breeding and sheltering.

For his part, Tarek Solima, Head of the Livestock and Poultry Development Sector, said that individuals can benefit from the national project for veal by applying to the nearest agricultural department or the branches of the Agricultural Bank of Egypt and the National Bank of Egypt whose branches are present across the governorates and centers of Egypt, or through electronic communication with the Livestock and Poultry Development Sector. 

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