TikTok updates its community guidelines

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TikTok, the short-video platform, has announced the launch of a set of new community guidelines, which are the rules that all users on the platform must adhere to.

The TikTok Community Principles aim to help users and the platform community as a whole understand decisions about how the platform operates. This aims to maintain TikTok as a safe space for users, as those principles are in line with TikTok’s commitment to upholding human rights and adhering to international laws. These principles also guide TikTok’s decisions on how to deal with content, as part of the platform’s endeavor to implement the necessary procedures fairly, and create a balance between freedom of expression and preventing harm to anyone.

TikTok platform has consulted members of more than 100 organizations around the world, including the International Association for Suicide Prevention, and at the regional level, the platform has cooperated with the Safety Advisory Council and the ‘SMEX’ organization, in addition to the TikTok community. Its efforts in this regard aim to reach a more comprehensive version of the new guidelines. 

The new community guidelines are set to go into effect on April 21. The platform will provide additional training to moderators over the coming months to help them effectively implement these guidelines and standards when they are launched.

The TikTok platform brought all the new rules and standards in one place, so that content makers and researchers everywhere can obtain the necessary information about them. These guidelines and standards are currently organized in a group of different categories, such as behavioral health, mental health, and others. They provide a brief explanation of what is prohibited in each section, followed by additional details such as definitions and actions that the platform will take in the event that these guidelines and standards are violated.

The launch of the new updates is part of TikTok’s endeavor to enhance its transparency and show its rules and commitment to them, based on the belief that maintaining the safety of individuals on the Internet requires collective cooperation.

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