Meta amplifies the voices of unsung heroes in latest MENA campaign

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Meta #CommunityStoriesMENA is a four-part series that tells the unique stories of four community leaders in Egypt, Lebanon, and Morocco

Meta is celebrating community leaders who are creating a positive impact across the Middle East and North Africa [MENA] in its new campaign – Community Stories MENA. Centered around the stories of four agents of change, the campaign emphasizes the power of connection, and the role social media can play in helping individuals build communities around change and impact.

“Meta is proud to be home to community leaders in the Middle East and North Africa who strive to establish positive and empowering communities. On a daily basis, we see stories that showcase the best of humanity. It may not always make the public spotlight, but every day people are using our apps to help others and support their community – becoming blood donors, connecting with people who need help or joining a collective movement to change and discover. In recognition of their efforts and impact, we have launched our new campaign, Community Stories MENA, to place a spotlight on the role of social media in building powerful communities that drive meaningful change,” stated Rawya AbdelKader, Communications Manager, MENA at Meta.

The campaign includes four Facebook group admins whose work has made a tangible positive impact within their communities.

Hala Dahrouge founded Lebanon-based LibanTroc in 2019 in response to the debilitating conditions brought on by Lebanon’s severe economic crisis. From a barter platform (TROC in French translates to “barter”) to exchange goods and services, the group has transformed into an 85,000-member organization that posts jobs, exchanges free goods and services, fundraises and supports others. It has helped more than 2,000 families by providing food, housing, and even life-saving surgeries.

Marouan Zitane, founder of Moroccan Travelers Community, champions sustainable travel. The group encourages travelers to share their experiences, tips and inspire each other to discover Morocco and overseas. Today, the community of more than 340,000 members encourages each other to travel in a sustainable way and promotes actions to preserve the environment and take care of the highly-visited sites.

In Egypt, Rania Atef created a support system for female entrepreneurs through I Make This! – a group for female-owned businesses to advertise their products. In exchange, the businesses invite their network to like the I Make This! page, thereby boosting market audience for everyone. Atef, a freelance photographer, kicked off the group when she found traditional marketing hard and expensive; in the process she built a community that has grown to 189,000 members.

Ibrahim Safwat of Cairo Runners created one of the largest sports groups and the first running troupe in Egypt, providing Cairenes with running experiences every Friday. The community organizes the Cairo Half Marathon, the biggest running event in Egypt with over 5,000 participants and stage mini-marathons, whilst promoting environmental sustainability in sports.

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