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PayPal launches in Egypt

The online payment specialist also launches in Lebanon

The electronic payment alternative has now launched in Egypt and Lebanon, said Elias Ghanem, the general manager of PayPal for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) (AFP Photo/ Karen Bleier)
The electronic payment alternative has now launched in Egypt and Lebanon, said Elias Ghanem, the general manager of PayPal for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
(AFP Photo/ Karen Bleier)

E-commerce specialist PayPal has launched its services in Egypt.

The electronic payment alternative has now launched in Egypt and Lebanon, said Elias Ghanem, the general manager of PayPal for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Ghanem said at the ArabNet conference that e-commerce in the MENA region was “a $9bn industry and is projected to reach $15bn by 2015”.

Mustafa Kamel Attia, the managing director of Link Online, a company that owns and operates a network of websites, sees the Paypal launch “as a positive addition to the market as it will reassure the people who are afraid of putting their credit card details online”.

“It will definitely add value for the market,” he said.

Commenting on any potential partnerships with Paypal, Attia said: “They [PayPal] have done a soft launch to properly introduce their service to the market, and they are approaching the major players including Link Online.”

According to Link Online’s general manager, PayPal will be helpful to small businesses and professional individuals, such as internet developers who create applications to sell online, in receiving payments. He expected PayPal to be a success in Egypt, saying that it will gradually turn into a platform that connects e-commerce players such as Fawry to better serve customers, confirming that it complements the banking system and credit cards and “will not work against them”.

Mohamed El-Tantawi, a web developer, commented on its introduction in Egypt: “I was a heavy PayPal and eBay user back in the US, now that it’s available in Egypt it’ll make shopping much easier on eBay and other merchants who only accept PayPal.”

“The only problem I have with it here is that it requires a credit card, while in the US and probably the rest of countries you can use it with just a bank account number,” he added. “I believe the banking system is not yet capable of supporting that full integration.”

Hossam-Eldin Ahmed, a journalist at Middle East News Agency (MENA), said he can’t wait to use PayPal: “I’m excited as hell,” he said. “PayPal will make online payment easier.”

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  • ibrahim

    you can just pay , but you can’t transfer it to your bank account 🙁

  • Bull shit … Just allow you to use your credit card to buy stuff you cannot link it to your bank account you cannot withdraw money you receive.

  • thanks for sharing you post.

  • Now this is how this information should be expressed.

  • That is a good form of payment so I think it has been expanded to many countries around the world is a good thing.

  • Yes, I hope it will become so popular with everyone.

  • This is a wonderful article.

  • however I browse your whole article. What a shock! It’s with charge
    encompassing that I got concerned in your content. i favor your several

  • It terribly piqued my interest in many areas. i believe regarding
    several of

  • to day my paypal limited sad

  • gio deo can gi het

  • thanks for sharing you post.

  • Hello, No… It doesn’t support small industries in Egypt, since it is a method of paying only… We can not, and will not be allowed to receive ever.

  • Waleed Taha

    Can I receive my money through it like in USA or not ?

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  • It has opened receiving money now, however based on a friend’s recent experience, the central bank in egypt has banned withdrawals and subsequently banned his credit card on paypal. It took years to get approval and now that we can receive money the banks won’t allow it.

    I would like to know why this is….if anyone has an answer.

    This has hindered the future of online business in Egypt.

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