Top Arab singers shine on Valentine’s Day

Kadry Al-Haggar
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Valentine’s Day is here and we all know what that means: it is once again time to start making plans for the most romantic day of the year (if you haven’t already done so). Many ideas may come to mind when you are thinking of how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with that special someone. But if you really want to impress them, there’s no better way to do so than by surprising them with a gift that never gets old — music. Daily News Egypt has compiled a guide to Valentine’s Day concerts across the Arab world this month.


Egypt concerts

Ramy Sabry performed in Valentine’s Day concerts in Alexandria on Friday evening, 10 February, in one of the famous Sidi Gaber hotels, in the presence of a large audience who went to enjoy his songs, especially his new album, “Maaya hatbdea”. The concert lasted until the early hours of the next morning. Ticket prices were affordable, ranging between EGP 250 and 500.

The second concert was by Ali Al-Hajjar at the Grand Theater of the Egyptian Opera House, on Monday evening, 13 February, and it was sold out.

Stars Medhat Saleh and Reham Abdel Hakim will perform on Tuesday, 14 February, at the Grand Theater of the Egyptian Opera House, singing some of the most beautiful Egyptian movie songs that people have loved throughout the history of Egyptian cinema. The concert has been announced at the beginning of this month, and the demand for tickets is high, according to the opera’s box office. In fact, the duo Medhat and Reham used to dazzle the audience in all their concerts, and this is what we expect to happen the day after tomorrow.

     The concerts will end on Thursday, with an artistically rich day, as it begins with the Moroccan singer Jannat, who will sing her most beautiful romantic songs, followed by the prince of Arabic singing, Hani Shaker, who will conclude his concerts on Valentine’s Day in Egypt after singing in Beirut and Damascus. This is where the masses interacted with him greatly, especially in Beirut, and chanted his songs with him, which added an atmosphere of harmony between the prince of Arabic singing and the audience.


   The Dubai concerts this year are headed by the international star Mohamed Mounir, whose concert tickets were sold out hours after they were put on the market, which ranged from 50 dirhams to 150 dirhams, and they are within the reach of everyone, including Mounir’s fans and lovers. The concert will be next Sunday, 19 February, at Media City in Dubai. This is where Mounir will entertain his fans with a collection of his most beautiful modern and old songs, such as “Ali Sawtak Balghana” (sing out loud) and “Bara al-Shabbeek” (outside the window) and other masterpieces by Mounir.

On 11 February, the Syrian singer Asala celebrated Valentine’s Day with her audience in Dubai, and she sang a group of her most beautiful songs, including “Shayfa Fik”, “Ghalban” and “Bala Salama”, amid great interaction from the masses, and the party continued until the early hours of the morning.

   Also, in front of his large audience of various Arab nationalities, the Lebanese Wael Kafoury celebrated Valentine’s Day with his fans the day before yesterday, Friday, February 10, in Abu Dhabi, UAE. He sang a bunch of his most beautiful songs, including “Yaslamoli Oyounha”, “Al-Barinetah” and “Awaa Takhof”, in addition to his famous song “Meen Habibi”, which dates back to the nineties of the last century.


   In Beirut, the capital of beauty, the artist Hani Shaker revived the Valentine’s Day party yesterday, Saturday, inside a major hotel, singing his most beautiful songs, in the presence of a large audience.

    Meanwhile, the star, Mohamed Fouad, celebrates Valentine’s Day tomorrow, Monday, February 13, in one of the major hotels in Beirut. It seemed that his fans in Lebanon were very much eager for him, as their interactions at the ceremony showed through tweets and posts on social media.

        This is while the Casino du Liban theatre gathered the star Elissa and the creator Marawan Khoury yesterday, Saturday, February 11, to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their lovers, and they held a historic party with a large group of their most beautiful songs, and the media still praises their party.


In Qatar, Egyptian superstar Amr Diab is currently preparing to celebrate Valentine’s Day with his fans on 14 February. His concert ticket is the most expensive in Valentine’s Day concerts in the Arab region, as the first category amounts to 5,000 Qatari riyals, equivalent to EGP 45,000.



   In Amman, Jordan, Egyptian singer Tamer Ashour will celebrate Valentine’s Day with his fans, Thursday, 16 February. On the next day, Lebanese star Ragheb Alama will celebrate Valentine’s Day with his Arab audience in Jordan at the Kempinski Hotel, with a collection of his most beautiful and famous romantic songs.


The Lebanese Nancy Ajram celebrated Valentine’s Day last Friday, February 10, alongside the Iraqi Majed Al-Mohandes in the State of Kuwait, in the presence of a large audience. The audience interacted with their most beautiful songs until the early hours of the next morning.


So far, the celebration of Valentine’s Day in Syria has not been confirmed, as Egyptian stars Mohamed Fouad and Hani Shaker were supposed to perform there. The concert was announced earlier in February. However, following the earthquake that hit north Syria, there are reports that the concert will be postponed or cancelled.

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