New Culture Minister Ahmed Hanno vows to strengthen Egyptian identity, character

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Newly appointed Culture Minister Ahmed Hanno pledged to prioritise the development of the Egyptian character during his tenure, following his swearing-in ceremony on Wednesday.

Speaking to President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi after taking the oath of office, Hanno outlined a focus on reinforcing positive values and principles within society. This will be achieved through initiatives that promote cultural awareness, creativity, and innovation while supporting talented individuals.

Hanno emphasised plans to strengthen the country’s cultural infrastructure and support creative industries. He also highlighted the importance of protecting Egypt’s unique identity and documenting its rich cultural heritage.

The Minister committed to acting as a voice for Egyptian intellectuals within the government and expressed his determination to solidify Egypt’s position as a leading regional and international cultural hub.

Born in 1968, Hanno holds a PhD in Philosophy of Art with a specialisation in Visual Communication and Animation Creation. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Cairo University, where he obtained both his Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts (Printmaking) and Master’s degree in Experimental Animation.

Before his appointment, Hanno served as Vice President for Student Affairs at Galala University in 2023, having previously been Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Design in 2021. He also held the position of Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Helwan University in 2019.

Hanno has been a longstanding member of the Syndicate of Plastic Artists since 1992 and is also a member of the Syndicate of Animation Artists and the Society of Fine Arts Lovers.


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