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Hani Salama: The star who started from the top

Hani Salama is one of the most prominent and successful actors in

Kadry Al-Haggar Kadry Al-Haggar

Each artist should have a stance and I am not afraid to speak my mind: Sulaf Fawakherji

Fawakherji says she has a connection with the Ancient Egyptian history

Kadry Al-Haggar Kadry Al-Haggar

I love privacy, and I am not concerned about competition: Yasmine Sabry

I wish success for all films, and for every artist who worked

Kadry Al-Haggar Kadry Al-Haggar

The box office is not a measure of success: Basma

Being a mother cost me my Hollywood dream

Kadry Al-Haggar Kadry Al-Haggar

Hani Salama to be honoured at first Hurghada Youth Cinema Festival

The management of the Hurghada Youth Cinema Festival, in its first and

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

Forced retirement of Egyptian cinema and TV stars

Preventing monopoly is only solution to reform art, allow production companies to

Kadry Al-Haggar Kadry Al-Haggar

How social media is changing film industry

Social media has not negatively affected film industry, as freedom of expression

Kadry Al-Haggar Kadry Al-Haggar

Women are denied equal chance in Egyptian cinema: Amina Khalil

‘Al-Harsha Al-Sabe'a’ is realistic story from Egyptian society

Kadry Al-Haggar Kadry Al-Haggar

Egyptian mobile film ‘Like a Matchstick’ wins Best Script Award at Mobile Film Festival Africa

Guests were able to discover all the films in this year's official

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