National projects in Egypt create great investment opportunities: Western Digital

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
2 Min Read

Ghassan Azzi, Sales Manager in Africa at Western Digital, said that his company has contributed to implementing a number of national projects related to digital transformation in several sectors, such as smart cities.

In exclusive statements to Daily News Egypt, Azzi explained that the Egyptian market has great investment opportunities, especially with the size of the giant national projects implemented by the Egyptian government with the latest international technologies.

He believes that the Egyptian market achieved an unprecedented growth in the company’s sales during the past year compared to other markets where the company operates in Africa.

He explained that the Egyptian and Moroccan markets are the largest for the company in terms of business volume in Africa.

He revealed that the company is currently developing technical solutions for data analysis based on artificial intelligence to provide accurate and real-time information to its customers by analyzing data stored on hard drives.

According to the company’s sales manager, Western Digital plans to provide its services to the banking sector by cooperating with Egyptian banks to provide storage and data analysis services.

The company plans to provide its solutions to the telecommunications, infrastructure, banking and data centers sectors, which have witnessed a tangible boom, especially that 70% of its establishment costs are represented in storage solutions, as he estimated, in addition to transportation projects.

Ghassan pointed out that his company has developed a hard disk with a storage capacity of 22 terabytes and is currently working on developing another with a capacity of 26 terabytes, and it is planned to be launched on the market within a period of 4 to 5 months.

He stated that the company owns factories in Taiwan and Malaysia that specialize in manufacturing hard disks. It has another factory that produces flash memory devices inside Japan using a very precise technology of up to 9 nanometers.

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