Restoration of transverse hall in front of Holy of Holies in Dendera Temple completed

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As part of the restoration and development work in the various archaeological sites in Upper Egypt, a team of restorers and archaeologists of the Supreme Council of Antiquities completed the restoration work of the transverse hall that precedes the sanctuary of the Temple of Dandara in Qena governorate.

Mostafa Waziri, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, said that the development and restoration work in various archaeological sites in the governorates of Upper Egypt is in full swing, in line with the timing plan set for its completion before the start of the winter tourist season, in a manner that works to attract a larger number of tourists interested in the cultural tourism product.

Mohamed Abdel Badie, head of the Central Administration of Upper Egypt Antiquities, indicated that the Temple of Dandara is witnessing many restoration and development works in the current period, due to its historical and archaeological importance, and it is in line with its being one of the most important Egyptian tourist destinations that tourists are keen to visit.

Abdul Badi added that last year, the first phase of the temple restoration project was completed, which included the restoration of the main gate, the great pillared hall, and the maternity house known as the Mamizi. The temple was also equipped and made available for easy tourism, in addition to the development of lighting means to show the splendor and beauty of its decorations, and to raise the efficiency of its visitor services.

For his part, Saadi Zaki, Director General of Restoration in Upper Egypt, said that the restoration work of the transverse hall in front of the Holy of Holies, which was recently completed, comes within the works of the second phase of the temple restoration project, and it included chemical cleaning using various brushes to remove dirt and mud, then chemical cleaning to remove Soot.

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