Chief of World Economic Forum praises Egypt’s economic reform programme

Daily News Egypt
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Børge Brende, President of the World Economic Forum, praised Egypt’s reforms in various economic sectors, noting that Egypt is one of the few emerging countries that achieved economic growth of more than 3% despite the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic.

His remarks came during the first edition of the Egypt International Cooperation Forum (Egypt-ICF).

“We have an urgent need to build partnerships at a level to address the repercussions of the increasing infection with COVID-19 and the resulting negative effects on the economies of the world,” he said.

Brende noted that the rapid and wide spread of vaccines that reduce infection with the disease and protect citizens against infection with the virus could not have been achieved, except with global partnerships.

Brende stressed that multilateral cooperation must be strengthened, and he attributed this to the fact that confronting Corona is difficult for a single government.

He added, “We have been working and cooperating for the goal of building economic and social systems and establishing food security systems. We need to innovate in cooperation in line with the industrial revolution and artificial intelligence, which can add $5trn to the global economy during this decade, and also to work together instead of competing.

“we must realize that the climate is one of the most challenges during the next stage, and that more cooperation with Egypt is necessary, improving the investment climate and providing a distinguished role for multilateral organizations so that emerging investments do not collapse, and to make up for the lack of cooperation in the international field,” he concluded.

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