Kayan Egypt witnesses sales boom thanks to Octavia 2021

Zamzam Mostafa
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Nader Nabil, director of the Skoda brand at Kayan Egypt for Trading and Investment, said that the new Skoda Octavia 2021 achieved a sales boom in a short time. The company was able to sell more than 500 units in a month, bringing the total sales of this model to 1,000 cars since its launch in Egypt, which is approximately the same sales figure of the brand during the past year.

Nabil said that the phenomenon of over-pricing, which has affected most models, came as a result of increased demand against supply.

He added that the company aims to increase its sales volume and expand its market share to reach 5,500 vehicles, with growth rates exceeding 40% compared to last year.

On the company’s future plan, Nabil revealed that his company seeks to be among the three best-selling car brands in the local market. He added that the ambitious plans will contribute to the further development of the Skoda brand and the Volkswagen Group in this very important region.

Nabil said that Coronavirus negatively affected the company, where sales declined significantly in the second quarter due to the closure of traffic departments and consumer concern about buying at this time.

And he added that the company was able to address the consequences of the spread of the coronavirus, which was evident in achieving a sales boom during the second half of the year, pointing to achieving the desired goal of sales this year.

He revealed that the best-selling car this year is the Skoda Kodiaq model, which has witnessed a large turnout of consumers, pointing out that the Skoda Octavia ranks second in terms of the company’s total sales.

Nabil stressed that the company is sufficient to adopt the existing production line for all models with the addition of many new categories for all models only.

Nabil expected the company’s sales to double during the next year, in light of some pharmaceutical companies around the world reaching the vaccine for the coronavirus, which heralds a decline in the spread of the virus, the most prominent challenge to the global economy.

He said that the company is expanding in establishing and launching service centers and after-sales services and trying to cover all regions of the republic with coordination with distributors, pointing out that the company is always keen to meet the desires of its customers by providing various promotional offers in line with different consumer groups.

Nabil revealed that the parent company will launch the Skoda Fabia at the beginning of the year 2022 in Egypt.

He pointed out that the company is studying the launch of electric cars in Egypt as soon as possible.

Kayan was keen to present the all-new Skoda Octavia or Octavia A8 to the Egyptian market in three categories, namely Ambition, Style, and finally the special and sporty RS category. The Octavia A8 comes with an attractive design with a bold and sporty character, and the large dimensions of the new car provide the highest levels of comfort and spaciousness inside the cabin.

Depending on the chosen category, there is a Wireless Charger, the main and rear lights that are fully powered by Matrix LED lights, in addition to the Climatronic dual zone AC system, as well as the luxurious Alcantara leather on the seats and door panels.

Nabil said that the first and second Ambition / Style models, equipped with a powerful 1.4-liter TSI engine generating 150 horsepower with 250 Newton meters of torque, and the engine is connected to an eight-speed transmission that brings the car to 100 km/h in 4 seconds, before registering a top speed of 223 km/h. The first category, Ambition, comes at a price of EGP 400,000, while the second category, Style, comes at a price of EGP 460,000.

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