Motorcycle, bicycle prices rise by 20%, following devaluation of Egyptian pound

Ahmed Eid
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Prices of motorcycles and bicycles rose by 20%, due to the increase of the US dollar exchange rate against the Egyptian pound over the past three months, which has negatively affected sales during the summer.

Gamal Abdel Nasser, head of the motorcycles division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, said that the increase in the US dollar exchange rate has led to an increase in the prices of motorcycles and bicycles of Chinese origin that managed to invade the Egyptian market and gain great popularity among Egyptian consumers.

Abdel Nasser explained that the price increase has affected sales over the summer, which is considered one of the most important seasons in terms of consumer demand.

Motorcycle prices start at EGP 4,000, going up to EGP 50,000, depending on the brand and the product’s specifications, in addition to the difference of prices from one place to another, he said.

The owner of a motorcycle shop, Mohamed Mohsen, called on the government to secure US dollars in order to reduce the manipulation of exchange companies, which adversely affects prices. He noted that the summer period is one of the most important seasons for bike sales.

He added that the price of the Dayun 10 motorcycle stands at EGP 5,350, while that of Daewoo reaches EGP 6,550. The price of Dayun 4 is between EGP 6,500 and EGP 7,700, while the price tag for Dayun 3 is EGP 5,250.

The price for the Dayun B2 model has been boosted to EGP 47,850, as it is one of the best and most expensive bikes in Egypt, according to Mohsen.

Meanwhile, Hogan 10 is sold at EGP 7,000, Hogan 7 at EGP 6,500, Hogan 5 at EGP 6,600, and the Hogan A2 and A6 models fall between EGP 5,750 and EGP 6,500.

Mohsen praised the quality of the China-made Harley 250 CC, pointing out that it is sold for EGP 9,000.

Mamdouh Galal, director of Al-Huda Motorcycles Trade, said that the brand Halawa is not one of Egypt’s most popular motorcycle brands, though its price did increase from EGP 4,800 to EGP 6,100.

He noted that bicycles also experienced a price hike, ranging between EGP 450 to EGP 2,500.



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