In uneasy times, Magnum offers affordable options for securing organisations

Bassant Mohammed
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Security agencies have become the need of the hour. Global strife has opened up an increasing demand for guaranteed security options that maintain safety and security.

Stepping up to put one’s mind at ease, private security companies offer an affordable option for organisations and individuals looking to protect themselves and their immovable assets.

There are various agencies that offer their services at schools, businesses, banks, and other important places. If you feel the need for someone to look after your assets and ensure the safety of your family or employees, then Magnum Security Services is here to help.

The security agency provides security guards for corporations that not only protect their offices from outside attacks, but also monitor employees working there. It also provides security options for individual clients, whatever their needs might be.

Whether people are at home or in the office, if they do not feel safe then security agencies are there to offer their help.

Magnum Security Services can tailor a programme to fit its customers’ needs and budget, whilst enhancing the level of on-site safety and security. The company recognises the unique requirements of each customer’s property, and can provide them with quality security services.

Mohamed Nadir, Managing Director of Magnum Security Services, said the company was founded in 2019 by former officers from the National Security, Criminal Investigations Department, Police Academy, Corporate Security, and Risk Professionals.

“The company’s chairperson is the former deputy chief of INTERPOL Kamal Rohayem, while the company’s deputy chairperson is Nashaat Gouda, the former director of the security sector in the Egyptian National Security Agency,” Nadir added.

With the company’s founders and executive team each having such high-level experience, the company can bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. It ensures that it works closely with its clients to implement advanced security programmes to protect their most valuable assets.

Security Officers

Security guards protect the assets of an organisation from any potential threats. Magnum carefully recruits security officers who must undergo in-depth screening as part of the employment process. The employees are also prepared for any dangerous situations as they go through intense on-site training to prepare them for any eventuality.

For crisis management, the company has built strong relationships with local authorities to support business and coordinate with the authorities if needed.

The company also uses various advanced techniques for optimum resource management and to provide technical solutions. Surveillance cameras are also installed for this purpose, alongside highly trained security personnel who bring with them a wealth of training to their work.

The security guards work to provide a safe working environment for the employees. In cases of emergencies, such as fires, they can keep large numbers of people calm and maintain movement towards escape routes by undertaking risk assessment.

Duties of Security Officers

Hiring a security guard is not just about protecting the community. It also ensures the safety of all the families in that community. And with that in mind, professionally trained security officer can take the load off clients’ shoulders.

Magnum provides its security guards with a challenging and rewarding environment to help them succeed in their work. Through effective recruitment, comprehensive screening, efficient training and retention practices, the company offers a carefully selected and dependable security staff.

Well-trained security personnel will watch over the communities in which they work, as they are trained to protect and keep an eye on their belongings. The security guards are trained to handle crimes professionally and efficiently, and they act as the first line of defence for an individual.

If an individual is living in a high-risk area, then hiring a security guard is a great idea as they will keep it under surveillance around-the-clock. Each security officer is highly trained to patrol the area and spot any suspicious activities.

The security staff have received training in customer service duties, physical security, fire protection and safety, and basic first aid skills. This comes in addition to other training which is based on the specific client needs, such as building searches, electronic security and monitoring systems, as well as bomb threat and shoplifting prevention.

Magnum aims to secure long-term corporate success, while taking into account its social and environmental responsibility. The company is also committed to preventing pollution and reducing waste.

It also tries to eliminate or reduce any potentially adverse environmental impacts, whilst promoting environmental awareness among its suppliers, contractors and partners.

Roles of Magnum Security Agency

Magnum Security Services provides security personnel that help companies keep their people and properties safe, and individuals keep their peace of mind.

Knowing how important a feeling of security is for businesses and people, the company recruits and trains individuals as qualified security personnel. Each security guard is capable of providing the highest levels of security and safety for people, organisations or businesses.

It ensures strict training and certification standards for its security guards, especially as the company’s role is exceedingly important to its clients. It also assists at events, parties and political crowds. The guards are placed at the entrances, exits and within the crowd to ensure a safe environment.

Magnum Security Services’ core principles are individual accountability and leadership. Its security officers also have a reputation for their professionalism, and ability to be prepared and responsive for everything.

The company ensures the full safety of its clients, and protects their welfare, whether it is of the individual or an organisation for which they are consulted. The duties of the trained and experienced teams vary by employer, but mainly they include retail loss prevention, access control concierge and reception services.

The company also provides services such as emergency procedures and response evacuation, planning fire safety incident, law enforcement, and control room operations. It also provides K9 services and close personal protection services for clients.

Magnum Security K9 security teams consist of professional handlers and highly trained dogs, the latter of whom have been trained to locate explosive devices and alert handlers to anything unusual. The dog teams are experienced in handling security in large areas, and have been trained in a variety of extensive scenarios, allowing high detection rates and increased safety.

Risk and crisis management

Working across different industries and business sectors, Magnum Security Services works with multi-national companies, government and public entities, manufacturers, financial institutions, utility and resource companies, regulators, and contractors.

Magnum Security Services consultants bring considered, technical and practical risk-based analysis and advice to the corporate decision table.

The company provides its services to cover all aspects of a company or individual’s security needs. This includes security risk assessments, business continuity management, disaster recovery management, incident and crisis management.

The world we live in has become volatile, so risk management is a must to overcome any natural disaster or man-made event. Magnum Security Services provides a comprehensive selection of planning, emergency management training, and exercise offerings to better prepare clients for the unexpected.

The company’s experts bring decades of real-world experience that helps its clients, whether individuals or organisations, prepare themselves for every situation.

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