EEHC ready to replace unmetered power connections with temporary metering system

Mohamed Farag
2 Min Read

The Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC) has expressed readiness to install temporary metering system at households that have unmetered power connections according to the recent cabinet’s decision in this regard, noting that regulatory controls are to be issued within days.

A source in the EEHC told Daily News Egypt that electricity distribution companies have a stock of prepaid meters to be installed after due procedures of inspection and measurement.

Six companies will supply the new meters to electricity distribution companies, including Al Maasara, Arab Organisation for Industrialization (AOI), Global, and El Sewedy Electric.

It comes in line with the Prime Minister’s decision no. 886 of 2016, amended by decision no. 231 of 2017, to install temporary metres in all buildings that have illegal electricity connections until adjusting their situation or else implementing the administrative rulings issued in this regard without any legal rights for violators.

The source said the rules regulating installation of electric metres in violating buildings have not yet been issued, and it is scheduled to be issued soon.

Unmetered connection describes reconciliation over illegal obtaining of electricity current. When such problems are observed, the concerned authorities including the Electricity Police make a report, which can end with imposing a fine or imprisonment.

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