Digital transformation plan for services to be completed by June 2020: Planning minister

Ahmed Farahat
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The Minister of Planning, Follow-up and Administrative Reform, Hala El Saeed, said that the automation of government services, as well as the digital transformation, is considered as one of the pillars of the comprehensive plan for the administrative reform process and Egypt’s 2030 strategy, in addition to developing institutions and capacity building axes.

The minister told Daily News Egypt that the plan for the digital transformation of municipal services, court services, and prosecution services is scheduled to be completed by June 2020.

El Saeed declared that 60% of municipal services were automated.

Moreover, the minister said that the government has completed the development and mechanisation of 229 centres, districts, and cities, of which 185 work on the central system, including 15 districts in Cairo, mentioning that the government is preparing to develop 12 more districts in Cairo.

El Saeed explained that the strategic mechanisation direction for the Ministry of Planning, Follow-up and Administrative Reform is based on the mechanisation of municipal services, court services, and prosecution services, as well as health services.

On the other hand, she referred to the automation of the other services saying it has been assigned to the Ministry of Communications and a number of other concerned parties.

Furthermore, the minister said that 50% of court services have been automated, mentioning that traffic and prosecutorial units have been fully automated. She added that 55% of government agencies are interlinked through the digital converter project of “G2G”, which connects the units of the state’s administrative apparatuses.

Through the digital converter, the ministry has linked the mortality base with social insurance services, supply services, Egypt’s post services, in addition to the health insurance services, in order to achieve financial savings, especially with the availability of an instant births and deaths database.

In terms of moving to the New Administrative Capital (NAC), the minister said that ministries are scheduled to finalise the map of staff assessments to move to the NAC by December.

She mentioned that the full staff transition to the Administrative Capital will be completed by early next year. The government aims to relocate 51,000 ministry employees to the new headquarters in The Administrative Capital by June 2020.

El Saeed added that the ministry is awaiting the response of both banks and the Social Housing Fund to provide the ministry a range of housing finance programmes for staff moving to the NAC and youth at affordable rates.

She added that housing units granted to administrative staff may be inside the NAC or other neighbouring areas such as Badr City.

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