Itel approves amendments in incentives system for traders 

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Itel mobile, a mobile phone company, has approved a new incentives system for traders, which starts in March to encourage them to increase sales and therefore the company’s market share.

According to the new incentives system, which Daily News Egypt obtained a copy of, the company will provide 1% of the sales value to traders who achieve sales ranging between EGP 20,000 and EGP 40,000 monthly.

The percentage can increase to 2% if sales range between EGP 40,000 and EGP 80,000. If traders achieved sales ranging between EGP 80,000 and EGP 150,000 monthly, the incentive increases to 2.5% and goes up to 3.5% if sales reach the range of EGP 150,000 to EGP 300,000. Finally, if sales exceed EGP 300,000, the amount will go up to 5%.

On the other hand, the company increased the prices of its devices in February between 10% and 14%, where the price of the IT 2090 increased from EGP 175 to EGP 200. While the IT 1550 increased from EGP 1,340 to EGP 1,475.

Huawei meanwhile increased the prices of its phones and tablets on 18 February by 8.6%.

According to the new price list, the price of the Mate 9 increased from EGP 10,010 to EGP 10,879, while the Mate 8 High increased from EGP 8950 to EGP 9,725.

The sales of the local market have declined during the first quarter of last year by 7%, compared to the same period the year before, according to a report issued by GFK Research. Sales of the market during January, February, and March of 2016 reached four million devices compared to 4.3 million devices in the first quarter of 2015. The market is expected to witness a further decline in growth this year, according to GFK.

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