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Nutrifuel: Food Quality, Not Quantity

Nutrifuel provides healthy meal delivery services to the clients’ door steps

“Do not focus on how much you eat but focus on what you eat,”: through this concept a nutritionist called Cherryhan Salvedia graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Al-Qasr Al-Eini, and launched her own project entitled ‘Nutrifuel.’

Nutrifuel provides healthy meal delivery services to the clients’ door steps.

“There are many nutrition plans out there, but which fits your body and lifestyle the most, this is what I am trying to offer my clients and patients after asking and knowing from them some details about their in-body, in order to set for them the better guidance and long-life results,” Salvedia believes.


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She stated that Nutrifuel is a project that serves people who want to lose weight or want to eat healthy food through three services. First of which is to design a healthy meal plan for the client if he/she does not follow-up with a nutritionist doctor. Secondly, is to prepare for them healthy food. And finally, to deliver these healthy foods to clients’ doorsteps.

“I chose the name Nutrifuel as a way to simply express the idea of my project,” she noted.

Concerning the safety of the food, Salvedia shared that she takes all the infection control procedures but she is also working on taking an accreditation of the safety of food from the ministry of health.

In that context, she stated that she does not use any shipping companies for that reason, but rather she depends for the delivery on trustworthy persons whom she knows.

Salvedia narrated that she started her own nutrition clinic two years, then she noticed that most of her patients are motivated to eat healthy food. However, they sometimes get lazy to buy and cook healthy food, and sometimes they say that they have no time to buy the ingredients.

“So I began to think to solve the problem by offering them to buy and cook for them the needed healthy food, and then I thought why not expand this project to serve all the people not only my patients,” she continued.

“I was surprised by how the people were interested, most people are motivated to eat healthy and they became more aware about the impact of having a healthy life style,” Salvedia asserted.

“But they need a lot of psychological support, and still we need to work on raising awareness that losing weight is not only related to going to gym and taking tablets, but the main task that you have to do to lose weight is to eat healthy food,” she explained.

“Unfortunately, throughout my experience in nutrition, I found that most of my patients that are overweight are housewives, as they love eating but they don`t know the right and healthy way for eating healthy food,” Salvedia revealed.

Salvedia disclosed that throughout her experience in nutrition, she found that women and girls in Egypt mostly suffer from a deficiency of zinc and calcium in their blood.

She explained that the lack of zinc comes as a result of a lack of vitamin C and the lack of calcium comes as a result of a lack of vitamin D.

So, she advises every woman to expose her child to the sun until the age of six-years-old in order to gain enough vitamin D and to make them eat fresh vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C.

“We need to teach women and girls in Egypt to notice the changes that happen in their shape, hair, etc, in order to be able to simply explain their problem to know exactly what vitamins their bodies need,” she shared.

“My only hope is to see people living a happy, healthy life without using or taking any drugs, as every drug is extracted from a specific plant that we can eat instead of taking the drug,” Salvedia concluded.

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