EEHC collects accumulated dues of EGP 6.1bn owed by government bodies

Mohamed Farag
1 Min Read

The Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC) has collected EGP 6.1bn of outstanding electricity dues of various government bodies until February.

A senior official at the ministry of electricity told Daily News Egypt that the total dues collected from the Ministry of Endowments are estimated at EGP 351m. The remaining dues are estimated at EGP 2.33m. About EGP 2.53bn were collected from the National Authority for Potable Water and Sewage and other dues of EGP 10.50bn remain.

He added that other government bodies and agencies paid the EEHC about EGP 3.26bn until February, with more EGP 21.98bn still unpaid. The remaining dues will be scheduled in coordination with electricity distribution companies across the country.

The source added that the system to schedule dues of water and sewage stations includes 70% of the monthly bill, in addition to the due settlement, given that these ratios will be reconsidered every new fiscal year.

The official revealed that the rates of collection electricity consumption bills increased, reaching 92.7% for household sector, and 92.9% for the private sector. The collection percentage in the investment sector reached 96.5%, and collection rates of administrative and government bodies have also increased.

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