Egypt requests hosting International Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Energy 2021

Mohamed Farag
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Egypt has requested to host the International Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Energy in November 2021, as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) holds the conference every four years in one country around the world. Egypt always takes part in the conference through high-level delegations who attend these conferences.

The conference enables participants to conduct high-level discussions on the role of nuclear power in meeting the demand for energy in the future, in order to contribute toward sustainable development and limit climate change, in addition to discussing and exchanging opinions on the main issues which play a key role in developing nuclear power.

This came during the meeting held by Mohamed Shaker, the minister of electricity and renewable energy, with Yukiya Amano, the director general of the IAEA, in order to look into the cooperation in the atomic field and the balanced procedures within this sector.

Amano stressed the importance of Egypt’s role as an important regional centre for the exchange and transfer of expertise in Africa and the Middle East. He commended the measures implemented in the programme to implement the first atomic energy plant in Dabaa, and the way the issue of the public’s reaction toward the project was handled.

Shaker stated that Egypt is continuing the efforts to implement its peaceful atomic programme in order to meet the growing economic and industrial development needs, in cooperation with Russia, Egypt’s strategic partner in the project.

Moreover, he emphasised the close cooperation between the ministry of electricity and the ministry of environment in implementing the highest safety measures to maintain the environment through generating electricity from various energy sources, as well as the continuous determination on the effective participation of Egypt in all climate-related conferences for expanding the use of clean and renewable energy. Shaker also noted that Egypt’s plan for the sector of renewable energy and electricity aims to increase the contribution of renewable energy to 20% by 2022.

“Egypt stresses the vital role which the agency plays in transferring atomic technology for peaceful purposes, which is the role that should be undertaken by all the member countries. Countries must also support this role through intensifying the activities of technical cooperation programmes in developing countries without conditions or restrictions,” he concluded.

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