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Egypt: The question of the environment

On the occasion of World Environment Day (WED), Daily New Egypt examines the status of environmental rights in Egypt, the main environmental challenges, and the government’s strategies regarding the environment.

Sarah El Masry

UN nuclear body says ageing reactors fuel safety concerns

By AFP VIENNA: Eighty percent of nuclear power plants are more than 20 years old, raising safety concerns, the UN atomic agency warned in a draft report seen by AFP on Tuesday, a year after Japan’s Fukushima disaster. This “could impact safety and their ability to meet member states’ energy requirements in an economical and …


Beyond Fukushima

By Yukiya Amano VIENNA: Nuclear power has become safer since the devastating accident one year ago at Fukushima, Japan. It will become safer still in the coming years, provided that governments, plant operators, and regulators do not drop their guard. The accident at Fukushima resulted from an earthquake and tsunami of unprecedented severity. But, as the …


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