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Government responds to solar energy investors in Benban, pledges to eliminate obstacles to complete projects - Daily News Egypt

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Government responds to solar energy investors in Benban, pledges to eliminate obstacles to complete projects

Aswan’s governor met with security director and Hassan Allam to solve logistical and security issues: sources

The government has responded to the demands of the investors of the solar energy feed-in tariff projects in Benban, Aswan, and has pledged to eliminate the obstacles and issues they are facing in order to complete the implementation of the largest solar complex in the world.

Government sources said that the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Resources and the Aswan governorate have formed committees to follow-up the projects after Daily News Egypt published a news story on several issues facing investors in the locations of solar energy projects in Benban.

In DNE’s issue published on 15 August, it was reported that there is a water problem in the solar energy projects in Benban. It has continued to follow-up the complaints of investors in its issue last week with the issues becoming security and logistical ones.

The sources added that General Ahmed Ibrahim, governor of Aswan, held a meeting with the security director in Aswan in order to secure the location of solar energy projects in Benban, and appoint permanent guards on the projects inside and outside the road.

There were also talks held with the officials from the Hassan Allam company, which is in charge of managing services on the solar energy projects’ location in the presence of companies from Aswan. They discussed the issue of water availability needed for the projects during their establishment period, as well as coordinating with the Roads and Bridges Authority to complete the construction of the roads leading to the projects’ location as well as organising the entry and exit processes.

The sources added that Mohamed Shaker, the minister of electricity, held discussions and consultations with the officials of the New and Renewable Energy Authority and stressed that all bodies are working to eliminate problems and difficulties.

He explained that the solar energy projects in Aswan are followed up on, on a daily basis and that all obstacles will be removed.

The number of companies taking part in the feed-in tariff projects in their first and second phases are estimated to be 32 companies which aim to implement projects to produce solar energy with a capacity of 1500 MW through solar energy projects with capacities ranging between 20 and 50MW.

Hassan Allam won the management of the services and utilities of the solar energy projects in Aswan, after competing against several local and international companies in the bid investors launched for these projects.

The company is handling managing the services of the projects, including building fences, levelling lands, providing foods and labourers for projects, as well as providing water, and removing and recycling dangerous waste.

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