Electricity Ministry agrees with Siemens to run 2 production units in Beni Suef

Mohamed Farag
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The Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy agreed with Siemens to run two electricity production units in the Beni Suef power plant, with a capacity of 800 megawatts, by November.

An official at the ministry said that gas supply lines to the Beni Suef power plant have been successfully linked to the grid. Moreover, six concrete production units were inaugurated.

The ministry will start to run the production units in Beni Suef station to output 500 KV as a pilot phase on Thursday. This procedure is temporary and includes the provision of an electrical current to run the station at any time, cross-connected to other power stations.

Siemens officials agreed with the ministry to start a trial operation of the Beni Suef power station units by using its allocated fuel in early November, on condition that the efficiency and capacity of the two units would be tested for 29 days. Siemens is expected to deliver the operation-ready plant to the ministry by the end of November.

Siemens has received 13 electric production units, including six units for the Beni Suef station, four units for Borollos, and three units for the New Administrative Capital, he added.

In total, the ministry will install 24 high-efficiency turbines, 24 steam generators with heat recovery, 12 steam turbines, and 36 generators in the three power stations in Egypt.

The trial operation of the Borollos power plant units will begin in December with 400 MW. Reverse distribution of electricity will take place at the Kuraymat and Ain Sokhna stations at 500 KV.

The Egyptian Electricity Holding company has signed contracts with Siemens last year on the implementation of three power plants with a combined cycle system totaling a capacity of 14,400 MW.

The stations are located in Borollos, Kafr El-Sheikh, Beni Suef, and the New Administrative Capital.

According to the agreement between the ministry and Siemens, 1,200 MW will be added to the national electricity grid by the end of December through the aforementioned stations.

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