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Why you need an email verifier API?

Technology has changed our lives tremendously, and everything we do seems to have an online component to it.

Technology has changed our lives tremendously, and everything we do seems to have an online component to it. Marketing, too, has seen lots of transformations during the past ten years, with email marketing becoming a must for most industries. In this context, keeping good email hygiene is a priority. Using an email verifier API is the easiest way to prevent bad email addresses from registering on your mailing list.

An email verifier removes risky and invalid email addresses from your database that cause your emails to bounce. Email verification is very difficult to perform manually, but the evolution of technology brought along this great tool.

An email verifier can be used to either check emails in bulk or make sure they are valid at the very point of registration—that is, right when a new subscriber is trying to sign up for your newsletters. For this purpose, you need an email verifier API that you can install on your website to validate emails in real time.

Why you need an email verifier API

Because even when you’re following email marketing best practices, there’s always a risk that bad email addresses end up on your list. People frequently make typos when they want to register on your signup form. They might have the best intentions, but if they type in an invalid address, that’s a lost lead for you. The API will prevent these leads from registering on your list and ensure you’re only gathering valid and active contacts.

Other benefits of using an email verifier

There are various benefits of using an email verifier. By removing invalid email addresses, you are reducing your email marketing costs. A good email verifier boosts up your email deliverability by eliminating abusive, disposable, or catch-all emails from your database. Also, a more complex email verifier will be able to eliminate most spam traps from your list, making it easier for you to maintain your sender reputation.

How to choose an email verifier

There are many online email verifiers that are ready to help you clean your email list and improve its performance. To choose the most suitable system, pay attention to its features. Whether you’d like to verify your list in bulk or install the email verifier API on your platform, make sure you know as much as possible about the service you purchase.

A great email verifier will increase your revenue opportunities and leverage your sender reputation.


Author bio: Nidhi Mahajan is a Technology Blogger who deals with technology content. For more details, you can check out her Technology blog at pop-pins.com

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