LG remains driving force in global TV revolution

Belly Kim
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Televisions play a major role in our homes, often acting as the centre of the home entertainment system.

They represent the device that the whole family gathers around to enjoy their film night. The television has evolved a lot since the design of the first black and white TVs to the current high end TVs we see now, and LG has contributed to the TV device formation globally.

In 1966, as the company to bring the first big televisions to the market, LG was the first to bring a locally produced television to the Korean market, in the form of a 19 inch black and white TV.

With the 55 inch Full HD LCD TV, LG was able to exceed the size barrier of 50 inches, and thus presented, in 2004, the world’s largest TV at the time. In the same year, LG again hit the outer limits, with the 71 inch Full HD PDP TV.

In 2011, the world’s first 84 inch Ultra HD TV was introduced, and at the beginning of 2016, the 98 inch 8K TV with HDR image quality was launched. Today in 2020, LG launched at the Consumer Electronic Show 2020 its 88 inch Real 8K OLED TV, which is supported by Advanced Alpha 9 Gen 3 Artificial Intelligence Processors as well as a Rollable OLED TV.

And with the global demand toward higher efficient technologies at affordable prices, new technologies are born, such as NanoCell TVs. 

LG’s NanoCell is the pinnacle of LCD technology globally, as it uses particles to absorb unwanted light wavelengths and enhance the purity of the red and green colours displayed on the screen.

In addition, they create subtler, more accurate colours that stay true, even at wide viewing angles. Along with their incredible colour and wide viewing angles, NanoCell technology also supports premium HDR content mastered by Dolby Vision™, and is compatible with HDR10.

This innovative technology optimises the HDR picture scene-by-scene, to create a more life-like viewing experience. LG’s NanoCell displays also feature powerful Dolby Atmos sound®, giving customers a formidable, 360° audio experience.

During November, LG Launched the NanoCell series NANO79 4K UHD in the local Egyptian market, which comes in sizes of 50, 55, 65 inches.

The NANO79 TV is equipped with Quad core processor 4K, which eliminates noise and creates more dynamic colour and contrast. Low-resolution images are up-scaled and reproduced at close to 4K quality images.

LG NANO79 will impress all its customers with its performance and unbeatable value, and it will provide cutting edge technology to the masses.

Belly Kim is the Managing Director for LG Egypt.

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