Giza Criminal Court hands death penalty to 2 members of Al-Warraq terrorist cell

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by ahmed el malky\file

The Giza Criminal Court sentenced two defendants from the Al-Warraq terrorist cell to death on Wednesday. Two other members were sentenced to five years in prison and one defendant was acquitted of all charges. All of the defendants faced charges of targeting police officers, public institutions, and killing non-commissioned police officers.

According to the state-run newspaper Al-Ahram, the prosecution authorities addressed the defendants with different charges that included the possession of weapons, killing civilians and police officers, and joining an outlawed terrorist group.

The Al-Warraq terrorist cell arrest operation dates back to 2014 when police forces arrested four people who tried to blow up a police vehicle by planting an improvised explosive device (IED) in Lebanon square in the Giza governorate.

The investigations into the cell indicated that they have executed numerous operations from the seizure of guns affiliated to police officers and the manufacturing of IEDs.

Moreover, Al-Ahram claims they confessed that they had been monitoring Central Security Forces’ stationing points to launch attacks and participated in the organisation of Muslim Brotherhood marches.


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