Military Production Ministry to introduce new Helwan 360 refrigerator

Hossam Mounir
3 Min Read

The Helwan Company for Metallic Appliances of the Ministry of Military Production is set to introduce its latest Helwan 360 refrigerator by the end of the week. This comes out of the ministry’s keenness to encourage local manufacturing and contribute to limiting imports in order to save hard cash.

The refrigerators and deep freezers production line, Helwan 360, is one of the largest production lines in the Middle East, in accordance to international standards and specifications, with a production capacity of up to 90,000 appliances per year.

Chairperson of the company, Darwish El-Gendy, said that the price of the refrigerator will be EGP 7,250. “The price was set to be the cheapest in the market at the highest standards, after studying the market and its needs,” he added.

He pointed out that some international companies are speculating the prices in Egypt without even having the products available due to the shortage in hard cash and problems with importing.

The refrigerator is a no-frost, 16-feet environmentally friendly product, bearing the highest standards in energy consumption. It can accommodate 436 litres. Moreover, it will be equipped with a digital screen to control temperature. The material of the refrigerator is antibacterial and noise dampening. It will come with a five-year warranty.

El-Gendy said that the refrigerator will be available in all sales outlets in Haram, Roxy, Helwan, Tanta, and Alexandria as soon as it is released, in addition to distributing it across all sales outlets related to the ministry’s companies and through certified distributors.

He noted that the company offers maintenance services for all its products through sales outlets, as well as a 24/7 customer service hotline.

Furthermore, he pointed out that the company is considering manufacturing 14-feet refrigerators to meet the needs of all clients, adding that many other appliances will be released in the coming period. “This is part of the plan posed by Minister of Military Production General Mohamed Al-Assar to cover the needs of the market at affordable prices to ease the pressure on Egyptians,” El-Gendy said.

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