Court adjourns Morsi’s trial in jailbreak case to 15 November

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The issue of the Muslim Brotherhood has been a source of contention between Egypt and Qatar since the ouster of former president Mohamed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood government in July 2013 (DNE Photo)


The Cairo Appeal Court adjourned on Tuesday the appeal of former president Mohamed Morsi and 130 other defendants in the jailbreak case to 15 November. The case includes several prominent leaders in the Muslim Brotherhood.

The prosecution reportedly recommended that the court accept the appeal filed by Morsi’s defence team and the other defendants; however, the recommendation is advisory and not obligatory.

In June 2015, Morsi and the other defendants received death and prison sentences for escaping Wadi Al-Natrun prison on 28 January 2011 during the 25 January Revolution.

Morsi is a co-defendant in three other cases, including the “Qatar espionage” case and Itihadiya Palace case.

The ouster of Morsi came after mass protests on 30 June 2013 demanded that he step down. On 3 July 2013, the military intervened and ousted Morsi in what the outlawed Brotherhood and foreign countries described as a “military coup”.

Morsi was the first democratically-elected president after 25 January Revolution.


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