ICJ calls on Egyptian authorities to not interfere in judiciary affairs

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Protesters outside the Administrative court in Cairo wait for a Court ruling on the panel of Judges designated to decide on the legitimacy of the constitutional committee on 30 July in Cairo (photo: The Daily News Egypt/ Mohamed Omar)

The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) urged Egyptian authorities to not interfere in Egyptian judiciary affairs,and to work on making the judiciary independent and a base for protecting human rights and the law, according a statement released on Wednesday.

The ICJ referred in its statement to methods used by the Egyptian judiciary to silence opposing groups who criticise the armed forces or the executive authority’s performance.

Saeed Benarabia, the director of ICJ in the Middle East and North Africa, said that the Egyptian authorities use the judiciary as a means to punish opposing groups.

The Egyptian judiciary’s violations included detaining people for long periods of time without clear accusations and approving solitary confinement, and applying laws that are against human rights, according to ICJ.

It also added that the Egyptian judiciary put difficulties in place for accepting legal appeals, and also disrespects the essential rights for a fair ruling.


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