Hussein Bazaza awakens the eternal beauty of Sophia, the Alchemist

Nayera Yasser
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She was born a princess: rich, beautiful, and influential. However, her power was always limited for it was only a matter of time before it would age. Princess Sophia lived during the medieval ages in Europe, when alchemy was both a vital science and method of art.

For years, the princess searched for the elixir of life until it became her most precious secret and the reason behind her power. The enchanting story of this particular princess has been documented through various works of art. While literature unfolded her deepest secrets, paintings portrayed her ever-lasting beauty.

Photo from Facebook
Photo from Facebook

Lebanese designer Hussein Bazaza fell in love with the mystical character last season, when he dedicated his FW16 collection to the enchanting princess. The collection was elaborately detailed with show-stopping patch-work and metallic pleats. Accordingly, the promising designer decided to continue his stream of thoughts and spend yet another season with the one and only Sophia.

“Sophia became immortal and lived through several ages, hiding both her everlasting youth and the secret to her formula. The elixir of life was hidden in a red apple she kept with her, which she truly believed was the source of her happiness and satisfaction,” Bazaza said in a press release.

After walking the line of Vivienne Westwood’s iconic New Romance with a statement collection, this season Bazaza took a simpler detour with a collection that is set to withstand time and remain relevant.

The FW17 haute couture collection, Sophia the Goddess, taps into the princess’s life after finding the elixir of life and mastering the secrets of alchemy. The garments do not only document Sophia’s intellectual victory, but also her everlasting youth.

Meanwhile, the fabrics varied between raffia and delicate lace, embellished with handmade embroidery and patterns. Each garment embraced a different element of nature; aside from the green nature, the astrological constellation was evidently captured through various outfits.

In preparation for this collection, the designer spent a sufficient period of time researching and studying the key elements and symbols of alchemy. According to Bazaza, the collection’s key motifs were built upon geometric symbols and equations.

A few looks elaborately reinterpreted the princess’ association with her surroundings, as two of the dresses were beautifully adorned with moon-shaped lace embellishments. Meanwhile, the designer maintained his lucky charm: unicorns. After depending on the mystical creature for the FW16 collection, Bazaza created new interpretations of the highly loved creature for this collection.

When mixed together, the historic inspiration, handmade fabrics, and symbolic motifs create wearable paintings that highlight a new aspect of Sophia’s lifestyle. One of the collection’s most memorable outfits is an oversized sweatshirt that gives a casual vibe; yet, it still embraces the collection’s link to medieval decorative high necks and decorative embroidery. Meanwhile, it is also paired with a lace skirt that adds feminine and timeless feel.

Through the lines of black, grey, white, gold, and red, Bazaza recreated the medieval silhouettes for a 21st century fashion expert. The haute couture collection depended mainly on flared dresses and long skirts styled with drapes and high necks.

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