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Four summer trends marching back to capital city

Many might argue that summer is coming to an abrupt ending after a star-studded week on the north coast. Nonetheless, along with the still-trending pantsuits, pleats, and charming millennial pink—some summer trends are here to survive the changing weather and make it to the chilly November. Seashells are a nostalgic piece of accessory that many …

Daily News Egypt

Modern Nomad: visual journey around Egypt

When social media has the ability to bring the absolute east to meet the west as well as transport one event from either sides of the world to the other in a heartbeat, it takes a real adventurer to travel, roam and explore reality without using a gadget. Over the extent of 1m kms, a …

Nayera Yasser

Opio addresses free-spirit women with earthly rompers

Dedicated to free-spirit women and long colourful days around the capital or on the beach, local fashion brand Opio has just launched a new collection for modern females who aim to seize the day. With a diversity of vibrant jumpsuits, dresses, and rompers, the collection adds a nonchalant flare to the season’s top must haves. …

Daily News Egypt

Up Fuse celebrates summer with upcycled ‘Bays’

With international calls to reduce the world’s dependence on plastic and save the oceans from imminent suffocation, many entrepreneurs around the globe are focused on recycling plastic, as well as discovering alternatives for the daily must haves.  Like any other country around the world, Egypt consumes an increasing amount of plastic waste every day—without scientific …

Daily News Egypt

Waad Nizamy: master of colourful intricacy

With the fast pace of the contemporary world, handmade products are hard to appreciate and even harder to find. In today’s world, factories produce thousands of soulless replicas in a matter of hours before invading the world with uniformity. While authenticity is often praised on social media, genuine leather is currently a luxury that many …

Daily News Egypt

Zakhrafa celebrates a boho-chic summer

The fast windmills of fashion trends are often keen on recycling previous cuts, colours, and fabrics. With the global industry following the commands of social media and millennial preferences, nostalgia is an unmatched winner for 2018. While the 1990s make a better idol for a generation born during the same decade, the 1970s are still …

Daily News Egypt