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Court schedules Sunday appeal session for Red Sea islands case - Daily News Egypt

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Court schedules Sunday appeal session for Red Sea islands case

The State Lawsuit Authority is expected to argue that the State Council is unauthorised to look into the case

The State Council Administrative Court scheduled the trial session for looking into an appeal filed by the government over the Red Sea islands case for Sunday.

On Tuesday, the State Lawsuit Authority (SLA) appealed a court decision that cancelled a maritime demarcation deal that would have transferred sovereignty of Tiran and Sanafir islands from Egypt to Saudi Arabia.

The appeal requested that the court’s decision be banned.

An earlier cabinet statement stated that the SLA will argue in its appeal that the State Council Administrative Court is not authorised to look into the case.

The cabinet said it will present documents and maps to the court to secure the case and show the strength of its arguments in front of the High Administrative Court.

However, since the court began work on the case, the government’s lawyer has not presented any evidence or documentation that would support the agreement.


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