Passenger cars achieve EGP 9.1bn sales in four months

Ahmed Amer
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The automotive market struggled to sell 44,900 units of passenger cars during the first four months of 2016, with a total value of EGP 9.1bn

Korean brands maintained the top spots of the sales market, and the brands achieved sales of 14,500 units worth EGP 2.46bn, despite the decline of sales by 24.7% compared to 2015.

Japanese brands achieved sales of 13,300 units worth EGP 2.9bn, a 30.4% decline in sales, while the European brands sold 7,190 units worth EGP 2.2bn, which is a decline of 34.2% compared year-on-year (y-o-y).

American brands occupied fourth place by selling 5,369 units over four months worth a total of EGP 1.1bn, with a sales decline of 36.4%.

Chinese models came in fifth place with sales of 3,247 units that are worth EGP 376m, and a sales decline of 42%.


At the bottom of the list were Asian brands, of which the Malaysian brand Proton sold 158 cars worth EGP 25.2m, with a 54.7% decline in sales.

The total sales of passenger cars in the automotive market registered 33,381 units during the first quarter of 2016, at a value of EGP 6.8bn. The sales suffered a decline of 31.2% compared y-o-y.

In the first quarter of 2016, Korean brands sold 9,900 cars worth EGP 1.5bn, with a 36.5% decline in sales compared y-o-y.

Japanese brands sold 10,100 units worth EGP 2.2bn, with a 27.2% decline. European brands sold 6,646 units worth EGP 1.7bn, with a decline of 31.3%, while American brands witnessed a 33.3% decline in sales with 4,321 units sold worth EGP 980m.

Chinese brands ranked fifth by selling 2,195 units worth EGP 245m, recording a 43.5% decline in sales. Asian brands came at the bottom of the list selling 120 cars.

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