235 ships transit the Suez Canal carrying 14.3m tonnes in the past five days

Mohamed Ahmed
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Suez Canal traffic data revealed that 235 ships transited the canal, with a total load of 14.3m tonnes, from 5 to 9 June.

An average of 47 ships per day transited the canal during that period, with an average load of 2.86m tonnes per day. The average load per ship was about 60,850 tonnes during that period.


In July 2015, before the inauguration of the New Suez Canal, the average daily number of transiting vessels totalled 47 vessels, with an average load of 2.76m tonnes per day.

Three major container ships transited the canal carrying 200,360 tonnes each: two Danish vessels, Marie Maersk and Maribo Mamaersk, and one in Maltese, Tihama.

89 vessels passed through the new channel coming from the west through the northern entrance, with a daily average of 19.6 vessels. The total load of these vessels was 6.4m tonnes, recording a daily average of 1.28m tonnes.

Additionally, 137 ships transited the canal coming from the south, carrying a total load of 7.9m tonnes. The daily average during the period was 27.4 passing vessels, and daily average load of 1.58m tonnes.


Cargo load is the main measure of shipping traffic and calculated transit fees in the Suez Canal.

The following table shows traffic through the Suez Canal between 5 to 9 June:


Day North South
Total Number of Ships
Total Loads in Tonnes
Number of Ships Load in Tonnes Number of Ships Load in Tonnes
Sunday 16 1 27 1.7 43 2.5
Monday 23 1.5 28 1.7 51 3.2
Tuesday 19 1.3 22 1.2 41 2.5
Wednesday 15 1.3 30 2 45 3.3
Thursday 25 1.5 30 1.3 55 2.8
Total 98 6.4 137 7.9 235 14.3
Average 19.6 1.28 27.4 1.58 47 2.86


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