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NCHR calls on state authorities to respect Press Syndicate’s freedoms

The council held a meeting to review the Press Syndicate situation and its annual report

The National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) called on state authorities to respect the rights and freedoms of the Press Syndicate and freedom of expression, which are protected by the constitution.

Following a meeting held Wednesday, the NCHR said Thursday it has reviewed ongoing events in the conflict between the state and the Press Syndicate.

“The conflict between the Press Syndicate and the Interior Ministry negatively affect the press’ capabilities of serving the public,” NCHR said in a statement.

It also condemned violations against journalists and the increase in arrests of journalists on charges related to press freedom, in addition to the media gag orders, which they said withhold citizens’ rights in knowing developments of important issues.

During the meeting, NCHR also reviewed their annual report, which is expected to come out soon.

Meanwhile, the council expressed their astonishment over the ban of the workers conference that was scheduled for 1 May. “This is a violation that does not rely on any laws and will not help in achieving security or stability,” they said.


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