NCHR calls on interior ministry to abide by Code of Criminal Procedure

Salma Abdallah
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Student groups say that security forces forcibly “kidnap” students and claim that police in plainclothes fight along security forces during clashes with students. Forced disappearances have seen a general rise over the past two years. (Photo by Gehad Abaza)

The National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) has expressed its deep concern regarding the increased number of forced-disappearance complaints in Egypt.

There were 125 cases of forced disappearance across Egypt in October and November, according to a report issued by the Stop Forced Disappearances campaign.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the council called on the Ministry of Interior to abide by the rules of the Code of Criminal Procedure with regard to referring those arrested to investigative authorities, in line with the constitution.

According to the statement, breaching the Code of Criminal Procedure has led to the ambiguities related to the increased number of complaints of forced disappearance.

People who have submitted complaints related to forced disappearance need to provide the information required by the council to help them in looking into complaints, according to the statement.

The council also called on those who submitted previous complaints to report any developments or updates, in case their missing family members have already been located. In some cases, the council said, further investigations have revealed that some absentees had already returned to their families.

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