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Previous terrorism-related executions in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has a long history of executing Saudi citizens as well as foreigners on terrorism-related acts. However, the recent mass execution has sparked international outrage with voices criticising the Saudi Kingdom and questioning the fairness of the trials. “Some of whom [the 47 executed] were clearly sentenced to death after grossly unfair trials. Carrying …

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Dar Al-Ifta issues year-end report

Achievements of 2015 include the establishment of Islamophobia observatory, 630,000 religious edicts, a moderate message to communicate across cultures, advisory to European Parliament

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Military court sentences Badie to 10 years on charges of violence

  A military court sentenced Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie and other leading figures to 10 years in prison Tuesday in the case known in the media as the “Suez events”. Senior member Mohamed El-Beltagy and preacher Safwat Hegazy were amongst the defendants who were handed a 10-year prison sentence over inciting violence and …

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