Khaled Dawoud resigns as Al-Dostour Party spokesperson

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Since its establishment by Mohamed El-Baradie, Al-Dostour, a party with leftist tendencies, has been struggling with its internal structure, mainly because it was not built upon a specific ideology. (Photo from Al-Dostour Party)

Spokesperson of Al-Dostour Party and former leader of the National Salvation Front Khaled Dawoud announced Saturday his resignation from his post in the party, a week after party chairman Hala Shukrallah resigned.

Dawoud linked his resignation to Shukrallah’s, noting he had expressed his desire to resign two months ago upon proceeding with the party’s elections.

However, due to several postponements to Al-Dostour’s bid to elect a new leadership, Dawoud opted to resign.

The party leader expressed his appreciation for the youth in the party, hoping that elections are held soon.

Dawoud also valued the role Shukrallah played in her tenure as head of the party, saying she managed to keep the party “intact” amidst “tough conditions and the absence of an environment that encourages parties to work and supports the building of a democracy”.

Shukrallah submitted her resignation on Saturday, highlighting “disputes and complications that could affect the future of the party”.

Internal disputes between Shukrallah and the party’s secretary general, Tamer Goma’a, who is running for chairmanship in the upcoming elections, overshadowed the last weeks of Shukrallah’s tenure, since she announced she is not running for the post again.

A media officer of the party told Daily News Egypt previously that Shukrallah “found that the situation has become overly inflamed, subsequently she tried to create relief”.

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