Egypt condemns terrorist attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait, France

Daily News Egypt
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Egypt condemned the “sinful terrorist attacks” that took place in Kuwait, Tunisia, and France on Friday, and offered its condolences to the victims, a presidential statement said.

The statement added that Egypt “firmly stands next to” the countries that suffer from terrorism, adding that a concerted effort from the international community is required to combat terrorism.

On Friday morning, militants opened fire at a beach resort in Tunisia, killing at least 27 people.

Meanwhile, the self-proclaimed ‘Islamic State’ (IS) also claimed responsibility for attacking a Shi’a mosque during Friday prayers in Kuwait. The attack killed at least 24 people, according to various Kuwaiti news sources.

In France, gunmen carrying IS flags unsuccessfully attempted to blow up a chemical plant. The attack left one person dead by decapitation.

There is no confirmation the three attacks were directly related to each other, but all took place at approximately the same time.

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