Al-Azhar Observatory warns of dangers of ISIS sleeper cells in the region

The Al-Azhar Observatory for Combating Extremism warned of the dangers of sleeper

Sami Hegazi Sami Hegazi

US court fines French Lafarge $777.8m on charges of financing ISIS

This support was given in exchange for allowing its activities to continue

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Opinion| Is the US involved in the revival of ISIS?

Despite the limited attack and the ability of the Egyptian army to

Marwa El- Shinawy Marwa El- Shinawy

UN Special Adviser on Libya warns against return of ISIS

Williams pointed out in an interview with The Guardian Newspaper to the

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Egypt committed to supporting international efforts against ISIS: Foreign Minister

ISIS remains real threat, despite liberating large areas controlled by terrorist group

Sami Hegazi Sami Hegazi

Russia prevents IS terror attack attempt in city of Makhachkala

IS suspects planned to detonate an explosive device near an administrative building

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28 killed including 5 civilians as insurgency in Afghanistan hikes

Earlier in the day, a blast targeted a car on the western

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At least 25 Taliban militants killed in southern Afghanistan raid: military

ANDSF also destroyed 6 Taliban militants' hideouts and 25 defense positions during

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US-led coalition hands over military base near Baghdad to Iraqi forces

Over 5,000 US troops have been deployed in Iraq to support Iraqi

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