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MOI arrests 29 alleged MB members

Morsi releases letter calling for continued revolution

The Ministry of Interior announced on Sunday that it had arrested 29 alleged Muslim Brotherhood members accused of organising demonstrations and inciting violence around the country.

The 29 men and women were arrested in Menufiya, Qaliubiya, Assiut, and Fayoum governorates.

Also on Sunday, the Muslim Brotherhood released a letter allegedly from ousted president Mohamed Morsi, informing supporters that the “lame coup” with its collaborators and commanders will “fail abjectly” to quash the ongoing protests.

“I would like to announce clearly that I have refused, and am still refusing, all attempts to negotiate or compromise on the values of the revolution or the blood of the martyrs,” the letter read, stressing “no recognition of the coup, no retreat from the revolution, no compromise or negotiation on the blood of the martyrs”.

“My confidence in your strong determination and powerful action is unshakable,” the letter read, adding that the ousted president would not leave prison until his “detained sons and daughters of the revolution are released.”

The ousted president then stressed his belief that the continued protests will ultimately overthrow the present government led by President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, citing ongoing protests at universities around the country and frequent post-Friday prayer marches.

“Complete your revolution,” the letter concludes, informing supporters that victory is near. “God will never let you down. We will meet, soon, and the revolution will have achieved its objectives and honoured popular will.”

Morsi, who was arrested after the 3 July 2013 ouster that removed him from power, has been imprisoned ever since. His only public appearances are at court sessions.

Morsi is a defendant in five trials, in which he faces charges of:  incitement to murder, escaping from Wadi El-Natrun Prison in 2011; insulting the judiciary; and espionage by working with Islamist groups inside and outside the country to “create chaos” in Egypt. He is yet to receive a verdict in any of these pending cases.

Morsi was recently indicted on a fifth charge, involving espionage, for leaking presidential documents and confidential information regarding national security and defence, and with espionage for Qatar during the period of his presidency. The date for this trial has not been set.

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