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Car bomb explodes, another prevented in Giza

Rural village rocked by early morning explosion killing 3

A car bomb exploded in rural Giza early Wednesday morning killing three, and another attempted car bombing was thwarted by police shortly after.

The men killed were inside the car as it detonated on accident in the village of Kafr El-Sharfa, according to a statement for the Ministry of Interior.

The blast, which happened around 3am, destroyed the car and scattered the remains of the individuals inside, said the statement. As of Wednesday afternoon, police were still trying to identify the remains of the individuals inside the car.

The car was probably on its way to carry out a “terrorist operation,” police officer Brigadier Mahmoud Shawki told state-run Al-Ahram.

Hours after the first detonation, police stopped another car in the same area carrying explosives and arrested the suspected militants inside, reported Al-Ahram.

Since the July 2013 ouster of former president Mohamed Morsi, Egypt has seen an upsurge in terrorist attacks, often targeting security forces.


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  • Truth..

    May they suffer in hell these disgusting terrorists!!!

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  • Krishna Zane Lopez

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  • Ed

    the truth is this car was shot and destroyed by the Criminal Police thugs. it is an assassination if you really care about the truth

    • Truth..

      So what’s the problem? If there are terrorists about to carry out a terrorist act and the police shoot them? And if it would be as you say, why dident they shot down car number two also ??

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