Police seize 600 shotguns in Matruh governorate

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Police in the Matruh governorate seized 600 shotguns from a home in the town of Dabaa, who’s resident allegedly admitted his involvement in trafficking weapons, according the Ministry of Interior.

The 48 year-old also “admitted” to trading in narcotics, according to a Tuesday statement from the ministry.

The weapons were found in a “secret store” in his house in the north coast town of Dabaa in Matruh governorate, which borders Libya. The man did not have a licence for the weapons.

The Egypt-Libya border is a notorious smuggling route for weapons, drugs, and people moving across the porous border. Egyptian security forces have been shoring up the country’s border with Libya in light of the recent instability there.

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi issued a decree earlier this week to establish “forbidden” areas along Egypt’s borders, including the western border with Libya.

In the “forbidden” zones, persons, vehicles, and any movement other than that of the armed forces are strictly prohibited.  In order for police forces to enter one of these zones, they require a permit specifying the purpose and duration of the stay, in accordance with the resolution.


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