Salafi Da’wa in Matruh stresses distance from political involvement

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Yasser Borhamy (Photo Public domain)
Yasser Borhamy (Photo Public domain)
Yasser Borhamy
(Photo Public domain)

By Menna Zaki

Vice President of Salafi Da’wa (Salafi Calling) Yasser Al-Borhamy announced Tuesday the group’s branch in Matruh has renounced political practices and will focus on Salafi preaching.

According to state-run Al- Ahram, Al- Borhamy said Salafi Da’wa is not a political party but is rather based on social practices according to the law and the constitution.

Salafi Da’wa political wing is represented by the Al-Nour Party.

In June, the Al-Nour Party, which backed former military chief Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi during the presidential elections, announced it would be part of a coalition with civil parties rather than Islamists in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Al- Nour Party Chairman Younes Makhioun said that Al-Nour Party is currently reviewing the political scene. Makhioun added the party has yet to settle on which of its members will run in the nationwide elections.

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