Clashes at Al-Azhar Mosque

Daily News Egypt
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By Rawan Ezzat

Security forces arrested six Syrians and one Palestinian from among pro-Morsi protesters during clashes that occurred after Friday prayers at Al-Azhar Mosque between the Muslim Brotherhood and residents of the area.

After Friday prayers, Brotherhood members chanted “Down with Sisi, Morsi is my president.” Mahmoud El Saman, a witness and member from Ahrar movement, said that the chant angered the residents, which led them to throw rocks at the Brotherhood members to force them out of Al-Azhar mosque.

The number of anti-Morsi demonstrators was larger than that of the Brotherhood members, who fled the mosque immediately while rocks and shoes were thrown at them, added El Saman.

ONTV reported that there were no serious clashes, and residents were able to hold two Brotherhood members and hand them over to police.

The clashes followed calls from both sides for mass protests on Friday. Tamarod and other political parties called on people to join protests in Tahrir Square and Itihadeya Palace, while the Brotherhood called for mass protests under the slogan of “The people demand the downfall of the coup.”

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