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Boxed in

By Philip Whitfield What’s up? In the media Egypt is fixated with wrangling, fighting and shooting. When you go out people are shopping, mixing and fasting. How much would you give to keep it that way? A million bucks? $29.95 is a steal. Karima Bennoune takes us on an eye-opener. Bennoune is a professor of …

Daily News Egypt

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Brotherhood and violence

The Muslim Brotherhood refuses to be anything but a problematic “existence”. Trying to identify what kind of political entity the Brotherhood is has always been problematic. Trying to work with the Brotherhood during Mubarak’s late years hasn’t been an easy process either. Adapting to the Brotherhood’s repeated administrative failures during former president Mohamed Morsi’s presidency …

Ziad A. Akl

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From the heart of Egypt: When media betrays history

By Dr Dalia A Kader As history is being shaped yet again in the land of the Nile, politicians and their international media machines are hijacking western public opinion. Both have long ago mastered misrepresentation of facts. The result has been a disconnection and a dire miscommunication among societies; so grave that humanity at large …

Daily News Egypt

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